From retail storefronts to mechanic garages, The Fearn Group has contracted design-build engineering into hundreds of projects over the years.

We’ve re-purposed raw loft space in 150 year old brick mill buildings into vibrant 21st century commercial office environments that defy time.

Whether it’s a family owned restaurant of 60 years or a new office complex in Boston’s high priced Financial District, The Fearn Group has done it before and can do it for you on time and on budget.


EDJ Narragansett (25)

48 Main St. 007

One Boston Place

When The Fearn Group was recommended to us by one of Rhode Islands top property managers, we gave them a call to help out with an emergency project that couldn’t wait. They worked with the local authorities and inspectors to get our facility back on line faster than we thought possible. We will definitely be using them on a regular basis.

Richard S.
Facilities Manager
East Providence, RI